Character Creation Guidelines

Creating a character in Methods and Mysteries, using the character builder.

Starting Level: 8 Starting Equipment: 5 Magic Items (levels 10, 9, 8, 7, 7), 150 gold Note: Choose equipment as if this were a normal 4E game, but flavor your character’s appearance in any way you like. For example, if you choose to play a Paladin, your character need not be wearing Plate Mail to gain the benefit of doing so.

1) Choose a starting race as normal from the races in the PH1 or PH2 ONLY.

2) Choose a class (no hybrids). You gain all the features of that class, some of which have been changed. Class Changes

3) Any General background is allowed.

4) Use a 27 point buy for your ability scores.

5) If you have automatically trained skills from your class, you gain training in those skills as a bonus. Then choose either Insight or Perception as a trained skill, then select an additional three skills to train in as well. You may choose any skills you wish. Note that Dungeoneering is being replaced with Mechanics, which covers most technological skill checks.

6) You may choose any feats you qualify for, except multiclass feats, which are being removed. You may ignore class requirements when choosing feats (you may also ignore things like ‘any arcane class’).

7) Choose the same number and type of powers as normal, except you may choose them from ANY class. This does NOT change the ability score used by the power. In addition, you may use any melee power at a range of 5/10. This does not affect close range powers. The intent of this change is to prevent melee classes from being disadvantaged in a system with firearms, and if it becomes something that gets taken advantage of, it will be removed. Flavor-wise, this change is meant to allow 4E melee weapons to translate into a wide variety of firearms in M&M. (e.g., a player wants his “barbarian” to wield a heavy shotgun, so he chooses to take superior weapon proficiency (fullblade) and consider it a heavy shotgun with a range of 5/10). Using a melee attack at range in this manner changes nothing about the attack or damage bonuses for the attack, and the attack counts as a MELEE attack in all ways.

Note: This does not change what provokes an opportunity attack. For you to make an attack of opportunity, the enemy must be in a square adjacent to you, unless some power or feat gives you the ability to make a ranged opportunity attack of some kind (I don’t know of any, just covering the bases). In addition, if you use a melee attack at range, you WILL provoke an opportunity attack from anyone in melee with you. This is the one way in which the attack will count as a ranged attack instead of a melee attack.

8) When adding magic items, equip them as normal on your character to force the creator to use the correct numbers when calculating your bonuses, but remember that even though your character sheet says you are a Paladin in fullplate wielding a bastard sword and a heavy shield, your character is actually a detective in a trenchcoat, carrying a pair of modified .45 caliber pistols. Choose items as they would benefit your 4e dnd character, and change the flavor to be anything you like. In addition, if an item has a race or class requirement, you may ignore that requirement.

9) Note: When choosing a paragon path or epic destiny, remove any class requirement normally necessary to take the option. Any other requirements must still be met.

Note: If anything above ends up creating something that I feel is too powerful, I will change or remove it, on a case by case basis. This idea is meant to allow you to create a character you feel fits the setting, without restricting your options or losing the defined class roles, not to break the 4E rules in half.

Character Creation Guidelines

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