Class Changes

All Classes) All melee attacks may be used at range 5/10. This includes basic attacks AND opportunity attacks. Note that this does not change the actions that provoke opportunity attacks in any way. Also note that the attack still counts as a melee attack, and NOT a ranged attack, except that you do provoke an attack of opportunity from enemies adjacent to you if you attempt to use a melee attack at range. You may NOT charge to an empty space, then use a melee attack at range 5/10.

Cleric) Turn undead now deals half damage to non-undead targets, instead of none.

Fighter) Combat Challenge – Mark targets as normal (any time you attack a target), but replace the Effect: line of combat challenge with -> Effect: Any time an enemy is adjacent to you and shifts, or is within 10 squares of you and makes an attack that does not include you as a target, you can make a melee basic attack against that enemy.

Paladin) Change the burst size of Divine Challenge from 5 to 10.

Ranger) Beast Mastery: Major overhaul, beasts now function like summoned creatures. They share your defenses, half your bloodied value in maximum health, and when you use a power with the beast keyword, replace any instances of “beast’s attack bonus” with “your Str or Dex”, replace any instances of [B], as in [3B], with [W], as in [3W], and replace “beasts ABILITY modifier” with “your ABILITY modifier”, so that “beast’s Strength modifier” becomes “your Strength modifier”. This should change any beast powers to use your ability scores for attack and damage, including magic items, feats, and other bonuses that would normally affect a weapon attack. This should make beast mastery a much more valid option for rangers, although this change is strong enough that it will likely make the character builder un-usable for this build option. In addition, think carefully on the flavor of a “beast” companion for this campaign. It could very easily be a mechanical hound animated through magic, rather than a typical wolf or other natural beast. Remember, Flavor > Mechanics, nearly every time.

Rogue) No changes.

Warlock) No changes.

Warlord) No changes.

Wizard) No changes.

Avenger) Censure of Unity – Gain the bonus to damage for each ally within three squares of your Oath target, instead of adjacent. Abjure Undead now deals half damage to non-undead targets, instead of none. Oath of Enmity – If you are in melee with your Oath of Enmity target, it functions as normal. If you are not in melee with your Oath target, you may use a melee attack at range 5/10 and gain the benefit ONLY if no other enemies are within three squares of you.

Barbarian) Swift Charge – change the effect: line to -> Effect: You charge an enemy or make a melee basic attack against a target within 10 squares without moving.

Bard) Multiclass Versatility – Replace this feature’s text with the following: “Whenever you use an attack power from a class, paragon path, or epic destiny other than your own, you may substitute Charisma in place of the ability score normally used for the attack roll. This in no way changes the ability score used for damage with such a power.” For the builder, there is a feat that will do this for you, I will find it and add it here, and you may house rule an extra feat to gain this benefit without having to create power cards from scratch. The feat is called Combat Virtuoso.

Druid) Beast Form – Powers with this keyword may now be used while under ANY polymorph effect that would normally let you use the power. Wild Shape – instead of polymorphing into an animal, you may also turn into a hybrid of your race and the chosen animal, much like a were-creature. This will allow you to continue using your equipment as though you were not in a Beast Form, and still use powers with the Beast Form keyword. This hybrid form is required for a druid to be able to use his melee beast form powers at range 5/10.

Invoker) Rebuke Undead now deals half damage to non-undead targets, instead of none.

Shaman) Shaman powers with a range of “Melee spirit 1” may not be used at range 5/10. Normal melee attacks may still be used at range 5/10.

Sorcerer) No changes.

Warden) Nature’s Wrath – Replace the first sentence with “Once per round on your turn, as a free action, you may mark each enemy adjacent to you, OR one creature within 10 squares.” Note that because melee attacks may be used at range 5/10, Warden’s Fury functions perfectly. Warden’s Grasp – The triggering enemy only needs to be within 10 squares, instead of five.

Artificer) No Changes.

Assassin) No Changes.

Swordmage) Increase the burst size of all three Aegis powers to close burst 10. Aegis of Assault – You do not need to teleport. You may choose to instead make a melee basic attack at range 5/10 agsint the triggering enemy, and teleport no squares.

Monk, Psion, Seeker – These clases are not available choices, due only to their imcomplete nature.

Class Changes

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