Rules Additions and Changes

New Skill Use: Insight

You may now use insight in order to ascertain a hint about a current case. Each player may use attempt to use this feature of insight no more than once per case. The DC necessary to receive a hint is set in the details of the case, as some cases may be significantly more difficult than others. A success with this check, which must be an active check, grants one hint about the case in question. Succeeding by more than 5 is a great success, and you get two hints or one very detailed hint instead of a normal hint. Failing by 5 or more results in a resounding failure, and the hint you receive will be meant to throw you off the trail of the case.

This roll is made in secret, by the DM.

New Skill: Mechanics

This skill replaces dungeoneering. It will be used for most checks related to science, technology, architecture, and more. The key ability score is Intelligence. Note that this will not be the case on the character generator, so if you choose to train in mechanics, ensure you note the proper ability score and skill bonus on your character sheet. Any allowed race with a bonus to dungeoneering now has a bonus to mechanics.

New Skill Usages: Contacts

Upon receiving a case, you may attempt a Contacts skill challenge, in order to obtain more information about the case. Relevant skills include: Arcana (Disciples contacts), Diplomacy, Mechanics (College contacts), Intimidate, Religion (Church contacts), and Streetwise (criminal contacts). Any given contacts check will have different DCs for each skill, depending on the given case. Typically, you may only make one contacts check for a given case, unless a new piece of information becomes available that may justify another check (up to DM).

New Skill Usages: Crime Scene Investigation

Details TBD.

New Action Point Usage: Skill Check Reroll

You may now spend an action point when not in combat to reroll any skill or ability check (not attack) with a +2 bonus. Normally, this would not be a worthwhile way to spend an action point, but this campaign should prove to be the exception. In addition, more skill based encounter and skill challenges in this game WILL count towards your milestones for a given day.

New Power Usage Rules: Guns are cool!

Choose the same number and type of powers as normal, except you may choose them from ANY class. This does NOT change the ability score used by the power. In addition, you may use any melee power at a range of 5/10. This does not affect close range powers. The intent of this change is to prevent melee classes from being disadvantaged in a system with firearms, and if it becomes something that gets taken advantage of, it will be removed. Flavor-wise, this change is meant to allow 4E melee weapons to translate into a wide variety of firearms in M&M. (e.g., a player wants his “barbarian” to wield a heavy shotgun, so he chooses to take superior weapon proficiency (fullblade) and consider it a heavy shotgun with a range of 5/10). Using a melee attack at range in this manner changes nothing about the attack or damage bonuses for the attack, and the attack counts as a MELEE attack in all ways, except that you will provoke an attack of opportunity from adjacent enemies if you use a melee attack at range. For creatures with natural reach, this range is not changed. For weapons that grant reach, increase the short range by the reach and the long range by twice the reach, so that a weapon with the reach keyword can be used at range 6/12 instead of 5/10.

New Skill Rules: Aid Another

In order to prevent using aid another to make skill challenges pointless (it easily can under the current rules), the following changes are in affect: The DC to aid another is now 5 less than the DC required for the primary check; success on this roll grants the primary check a +2 bonus, while a failure on this check grants a -2 penalty to the primary check. For example, if the thievery DC to disarm a trap is 30, the DC to aid that primary theivery check is DC 25, with success granting a +2 bonus and failure giving a -2 penalty to the primary theivery check.

New Rules Options: Vehicles

Coming Soon! Note that Mounted Combat will be gone, and some new-ish system will be determined for vehicles in combat that makes more sense than the current horse-drawn vehicle rules.

Monsters: What to expect

Monsters in Methods and Mysteries will not be the typical monsters you may be used to. First off, all monsters you face will use the design ideas in the DMG2. This means solo monsters will no longer get x5 health instead of x4 health after paragon tier, and solo and elite monsters will no longer gain a bonus to defenses beyond that of a normal monster. As a trade off, once an elite or solo monster becomes bloodied, they will become MUCH more dangerous, and this SHOULD change your strategies when dealing with such creatures. Also, minion damage has been increased across the board, in order to bring their threat level in line with that of a normal monster. In addition to the DMG2 changes mentioned above, solo monsters will be very resistant to stun, daze, and dominate. I feel that if a solo monster is supposed to equal 5 monsters, a power that would stun or daze a normal creature should not be able to do the same to 5 monsters, just because they happen to be accounted for by one creature. For your information, all solo monsters in Methods and Mysteries will have the following power:

Unstoppable: Whenever this creature would be stunned for any duration, it instead loses its next standard action. Whenever this creature would be dazed for any duration, it instead loses its next move or minor action. Whenever this creature would be dominated for any duration, instead it must use its next standard action to attack its nearest ally. If no ally is available, it loses its standard action as though it was stunned. In addition, whenever this creature is affected by one of the above conditions, it grants combat advantage until the end of its next turn.

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Rules Additions and Changes

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